Culture Clash 11 May 2019

Location: Cultuurlab (Brabantse Turfmarkt 9, Delft) Date: 11 May 2019 Time festival start 20.00   20:30 Culture capers – theatre group 20:50 Jet v/d Steen – vocals (voice of holland) 21.10 Sound Escape – Atonal experimental music 21.40 Lotte Velvet – standup comedy 22.30 —-> SQUIDZILLAAAAAA!!!! <—– 23.15 Culture Laboratory House Band

Spod Music Lab

1 February we play at Wolbodo, Verwersdijk 102, 2611 NK Delft This will be our first gig with Hannah Nijkamp in the role of Doris Diego!!! There are three bands, and the venue opens at 20.30 21.00 Tom Vrolijk 22.00 Squidzilla 23.00 Douglas Bull   You can check out the facebook event for more info


Squidzilla is an eclectic space opera with accordion, guitar, violin and drums. The songs are part of the story of the p.i. Hanrick Hornigold. She got dumped on an unfriendly planet, after she discovered too much of the space stations’ overseer. On the planet, she tries to make contact with the local inhabitants, the dusters, who tend to look down on stranded space types, a.k.a. spacers. This is where she plans her revenge…