Space Opera Night & EP release – 6 March 2020

You are invited to join a night dedicated to Space Opera music and experimentation!

Venue: Cultuurlab – Brabantse Turfmarkt 9 – Delft – 6 March – 20.00 – €5 (pin / cash)

The Marshmallow Experiment
Gully Flowers
Mik Quantius and Suzuki Junzo

This is the release party of our amazing EP:

Hanrick Hornigold – A Space Opera


The Bands:

The Marshmallow Experiment – Using electromagnetic static, guitar, loopers and delays to create a sound off our dystopian future. Like being trapped with a detuned and deaf orchestra inside a mid 80’s video game. Mark’s probably gonna have some marshmallows with him, eat them, save them or throw them, it’s yr choice (probably).

Gully Flowers – Punk/Psych-Pop straight from the heart pointing out subjects as love and other conspiracy theories.

Squidzilla – an eclectic space opera with accordion, guitar, violin, vocals and drums. The songs are part of the story of the p.i. Hanrick Hornigold. She got dumped on an unfriendly planet, after she discovered too much of the space stations’ overseer. On the planet, she tries to make contact with the local inhabitants, the dusters, who tend to look down on stranded space types, a.k.a. spacers. This is where she plans her revenge…

Suzuki Junzo – Tokyo Based Cosmic Blues Traveller. Guitarist of MIMINOKOTO/20 Guilders and collaborated with The Cosmic Dead(UK), Dead Otter (UK), Snakes Don’t Belong In Alaska(UK) and Fuji (Be/Ger).

Mik Quantius – The German vocal artist Mik Quantius can, after being continuously abducted by aliens, only produce sounds from outer space. He is a member of the legendary German Krautrockband EMBRYO and he took part in ‘Way of the Cross’, an improvisational project of Dave Nuss of the NO NECK BLUES BAND, with musicians like Kuupuu, The Skaters, Stellar Om Source and Kemialliset Yvsatat.

I am very much looking forward to seeing you at Cultuurlab, as your presence will be noted positively on your record.

Warm regards,

The Overseer

Culture Clash 11 May 2019

Location: Cultuurlab (Brabantse Turfmarkt 9, Delft)
Date: 11 May 2019
Time festival start 20.00


20:30 Culture capers – theatre group

20:50 Jet v/d Steen – vocals (voice of holland)

21.10 Sound Escape – Atonal experimental music

21.40 Lotte Velvet – standup comedy

22.30 —-> SQUIDZILLAAAAAA!!!! <—–

23.15 Culture Laboratory House Band